Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: You should allow 2-4 weeks for delivery – some orders are shipped within a week.

Q: Can I put a rush on my order?
A: Yes, there is a fee for rush deliveries – please call 1-800-669-8444 to rush your order – this will put you in the front of the line and when your order is ready we will ship it overnight.

Q: Will my photo be returned?
A: Yes, your photo will be returned with your order.

Q: I have only one photo of my deceased Grandfather is it safe to send it?
A: Not advisable – we suggest you get the photo duplicated and send us the copy.

Q: May I send a color photo?
A: Yes, no problem. Your photo will be printed black and white.

Q: Can I use my company logo or product instead of a photo for my bill?
A: Yes, any clear image will work.


Q: Do you offer special pricing for larger orders?
A: Yes, larger orders earn further discounts. Please contact us at for special quantity pricing or call 1-800-669-8444.

Q: How large can my photograph be?
A: Your photo should not exceed 8x10.

Q: How do I order?
A: It's easy, you can order online with your credit card and email your photo.

: May I change colors or request further customization of my bill?
A: We have created a standardized format to keep your cost down. If you would like to make additional changes, please contact for a price quote.

: Can I get fewer than 500 bills?
A: No, we are set up to print in quantities of 500 and more.

Additional Questions: please email us at or call 1-800-669-8444.